How It Works

As planes fly, they burn fuel that releases greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. Carbon offsetting allows individuals and businesses to neutralise these emissions and reduce their environmental impact. Offsetting your company's emissions will enable your contribution to purchase independently verified carbon offset projects that remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere and prevent future emissions from occurring.

What is carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting allows you to take action on climate change by supporting environmental projects around the world in order to reduce your cargo carbon footprint.

Changing lives and protecting the irreplaceable

Our carbon offset projects deliver a broad range of additional social, environmental and biodiversity benefits over and above emissions reduction. Local communities benefit from increased employment and training opportunities, diversification of income, a boost in education and health services.

Projects that protect and regenerate native forests in Indonesia secure vital habitat for wildlife, improve soil health and promote local sustainable agriculture practices. Building solar energy projects across India generates renewable electricity and supports the sustainable development of local economies. Distributing efficient, clean-burning cookstoves reduce smoke pollution and the associated health risks for villagers in Nepal.